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Industry Expertise

A single source of truth to integrate the entire value chain…

D4DT is built for supply chain organizations in:

  • Automotive
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Food & Beverage
  • Health Care
  • Industrial
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing

D4DT is designed to turn un-used data into real-time outcomes.

Work Examples

The D4DT platform offers a unique combination of Data collection power across machines and applications, and business and statistical analytics and data processing at scale. D4DT gives you and your team immediate insights designed to address some of the biggest challenges in the value chain:

  • End-to-end visibility and traceability for supply chain operations
  • Operational efficiency, demand forecasting, machine uptime and quality requirements for shop floor
  • Visibility into and control of logistics and transportation systems
  • Fulfillment, planning and forecasting
  • A combination of any of the above

D4DT can combine your business data with other data to make insights even more powerful.
D4DT can incorporate data like weather, location, and soil to create newer, unsupervised insights.
“Rapidly changing business requirements and the demand for real time decision-making for operational excellence” is defining the industrial future, but at the same time straining legacy systems and models.
Legacy Systems + New Technology Digital Transformation

The D4DT platform captures and processes machine and application data and can be coupled with other data like location or weather to enable new levels of context and relevance.

D4DT seamlessly bridges the gap between old and new systems by removing silos and implementing data collaboration.

The D4DT platform is continuously evolving!

D4DT is designed to turn un-used data into real-time outcomes.

D4DT innovation includes and is not limited to:

  • The creation of new capabilities
  • State of the art security enhancements
  • Inclusion of new D4DT or partner algorithms
  • Fulfillment, planning and forecasting
  • Pattern matching capabilities and applications

D4DT + Legacy Systems = Data Collaboration
People + Processes = Team Collaboration
Data Collaboration + Team Collaboration = Digital Transformation

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