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Our Data Management Platform

An end-to-end analytics platform that empowers our customers with actionable insights within weeks. These five powerful engines can work independently or in conjunction with one another, dependent on customer needs.

Data Rule Engine

Set up rules to take real-time actions when conditions are met

Data Quality Engine

Load data from anywhere in any format

Data Adapters

Ready to use data adapters to many external tools (eg. WebMD)

Data Integration Engine

Validate data based on predefined thresholds

Data Crawlers

Gather social, news, and product data from around the web, can be added to real-world data for a more complete picture


Track specific customer or member behaviors to predict lapse rate. Take pinpointed actions to increase customer retention.

Customer Service Models

Gain competitive intelligence with reports from around the web; predict locations of customers, levels of satisfaction, and help with crisis intervention.

Strategic Assessments

Let our team provide expert guidance on how to best get a return on your data. We’ll look at your operations and help you make better strategic decisions.

Applications for all the facets of your business

From customer segmentation and targeting to future sales analytics, we can analyze demographic data and up your revenue
Whether good news or bad, we can rate the public sentiment of your organization and provide a deep dive into market trends
Our fraud analytics tools can help you distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent behaviors and adapt to new, previously unseen fraud tactics, allowing you to prevent it in the first place
We can provide a comprehensive assessment of your vendors, investments, and partners and provide analytics on your top performers
See what customers or members are at risk of lapse based on past behavior and real-world data

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