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Digital transformation needs an entire ecosystem. An ecosystem where different pieces come together to create harmonious outcomes that are based on digital collaboration.

Why are we so interested in partnering?

Customer needs and problems are very diverse. In most cases, the starting point for digital transformation is complex. Because of this, customers benefit from partner collaboration. We have found that our introductions to customers have come from different sources and have learned that partnering creates unique customer opportunities. If you share this philosophy, D4DT welcomes partnerships with hardware, consulting and systems integrator companies and independent software vendors to create significant enhanced value to customers.

  • Hardware: Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), industrial automation companies, gateway companies, and sensor companies can partner with D4DT to certify their hardware products to be compatible with the D4DT platform. This will ensure a seamless implementation for customers.
    • Ask us about using D4DT’s core technology to certify your hardware on our platform. Make inquiries at
  • Consulting and Integration: Consulting or systems integration companies can leverage the D4DT platform to enhance and accelerate data-driven practices to customers.
    • Ask us about using D4DT’s core technology for any of your data analytics challenges. Make inquiries at
  • Independent Software Vendor (ISV): Algorithm and Machine Learning companies that are focused on industrial supply chain automation can leverage the D4DT platform to test and deliver these algorithms to customers.
    • If you are an ISV and you see potential customer value with D4DT, ask us about incorporating your product into our platform. Make inquiries at

We look forward to collaborating with you!

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