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Software Product

End-to-end data platform designed
for enterprise-wide results

D4DT is a disruptive software solution that equips decision makers with the insights they need from the data they have, when and how they need it.

The D4DT Accelerated Data Results Platform collects data from machines, equipment and “things” in addition to data extractions from applications and Excel files to provide new relevant insights in real time.

Scalable, enterprise grade solution delivered as SAAS

The D4DT SAAS model enables immediate use of data at scale for key supply chain business requirements. Companies can leverage a ready-to-start Pilot, that can seamlessly move into Production thereby providing companies a fast and fail-safe way to adopt and digitalize their businesses.

This approach coupled with an ultralight-weight implementation provides a unique differentiator for our customers to use our solution.

A single platform for all your data

D4DT Software Platform

Supply Visibility & Traceability

Logistics & Cold Chain

Factory & Manufacturing

Warehousing & Distribution

Apps make it easier to make decisions

D4DT Modular Apps


Raw materials, inventory and quality control


End to End view of supply chain


Warehouse management and distribution


Logistics, telematics and transportation


Digital factory and operational efficiency


Planning, forecasting, business trends

The D4DT SAAS model enables immediate use of data at scale for key supply chain business needs.

You and your team can leverage a ready-to-start pilot coupled with a light-weight implementation to seamlessly move into production, thereby leading to a fast and fail-safe way to digitalize your businesses

D4DT offers decision makers new needed value.

D4DT’s “pay for value” SAAS subscription enables enterprises to pay based on demand and usability, creating an immediate and ongoing ROI.

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