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Transform your supply chain with the D4DT high-performance digital solution

Increase your Return on Your Data

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The D4DT digital solution is a data collaboration between your suppliers, factories and customers. When your data is working together, your team is empowered to work together.

Collaboration + Insights = Best Business Decisions

D4DT exposes the source(s) of common supply chain problems on a single pane of glass. The following D4DT features put you and your team in control.

  • Supply Traceability, Visibility, QC (Quality Control) Scheduling and Inventory Management
  • Factory Efficiency | Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Downtime, Utilization and Performance Bottlenecks
  • Demand Forecasting, Order Fulfillment, Logistics, Distribution and Warehousing

Real-Time data is “Innovation Fuel”
for Business Leaders

A breakthrough collaboration to resolve data silos

How would you like to leverage data from excel files and your ERP systems with data collected from IoT sensors, gateways, and machines to rapidly transform your business?

D4DT simplifies the collection of your data. D4DT transforms your data through a collaborative process. D4DT is easy to deploy, easy to use and does not require training. You and your team benefit from less manual input and review, leaving you and your team more time to devote to collaboration and higher-level business thinking.

Results at a Glance

D4DT delivers an aggregated view of the supply chain
D4DT takes siloed digital initiatives to the next level
D4DT provides better, faster and collaborated decisions
D4DT starts your digitalization journey anywhere in the supply chain

Traceability and Visibility

  • D4DT gives you and your team a look across supply and demand on a single pane of glass to make decisions on:
    • Demand Forecasting
    • Planning
    • Fulfillment
  • Trace material flow through your supply chain to create precise inputs related to:
    • Available Inventory
    • Critical Events
    • QC (Quality Control) Alignment

Factory Operations Management

  • Improve your planning and utilization with the D4DT digital factory solution.
    • D4DT collaborates data from multiple machines like PLCProgrammable Logic Controller/SCADASupervisory Control and Data Acquisition in the factory
    • D4DT also collaborates data across multiple factories with supply and demand information
    • D4DT gives you and your team end-to-end factory automation
      • OEEOverall Equipment Effectiveness, Quality Control, Demand Forecasting, Capacity Utilization, Preventive Maintenance

Integrated Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution

  • D4DT identifies warehousing or distribution bottlenecks so you and your team can manage:
    • Material Flows
    • Inventory on Hand
    • Wastage and Loss in Transit, 3PLThird Party Logistics
  • D4DT collects inputs from diverse transportation systems and delivers insights to you and your team on:
    • Inventory in Transit
    • Logistics and Routing
    • Material Holding

D4DT offers value based engagement models
for your business.

Choose the model that works best for you to give you the highest Return on your data. D4DT is ISO 27001 certified so, we are set up to engage with your processes and security environment.

Software As A Service Product

Finished service loaded with KPIs and analytics for supply chain and industrial automation.

Runs on D4DT

Managed Services

Custom cropped solution for each customer based on the D4DT reference architecture deployed through a managed service.

Powered by D4DT

Digital Platform Creation

Unique product solution built by D4DT, inspired by our reference architecture and offered as a supervised service.

Created by D4DT

Instant gratification for your critical business decision-making needs

The D4DT accelerated results platform is designed specifically for business leaders that require real time insights on a single pane of glass. D4DT is built to quickly remove silos, leverage your existing data assets with new data assets and algorithms, and use “ready-to-apply” solutions.


Relevant, real-time insights from inside and out.

D4DT simplifies your data insight opportunities by giving your data a platform for collaboration. Let’s dig deeper:

Legacy systems are designed to keep data separate and secure. The unfortunate outcome
is that you and your team are unable to utilize data stuck inside functional silos.

This pervasive practice leads to the extensive use of excel spreadsheets and homegrown applications that are used to drive critical business decision making.

There are a vast number of data platforms and solutions that address specific needs for data collection, storage and use across different industries, but they require tremendous investment and time for training and heavy weight deployment. Nevertheless, the pervasive practice remains.

D4DT is functional and easy-to-use.

D4DT is designed and built with you and your team in mind. We are dedicated to making your data transfer seamless and secure.

D4DT ingests your data from various pertinent sources and processes your data out of these silos to produce valuable real-time insights.

The D4DT App-based interface is modular, making any place in the Supply Chain your access point to applicable insights. Since KPIs are segregated for your convenience and by each stage in your Supply Chain, navigation is logical and integrated within and across your Supply Chain.

Leverage the insights from your data and optimize your team’s collaboration to make the best business decisions.


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