Data for Digital Transformation


No need to pull separate spreadsheets from sales and payroll together. D4DT uses robotic process automation, AI and machine learning, and other advanced technologies to give you time back to focus on what’s important to you.


Whether you’re just starting on your data management journey or looking for more advanced tools, we will make your data work for you.


Our software works with your existing technology, so no need to disrupt your day-to-day operations.


We can connect to a wide variety of external tools, but what we’re really about is connecting our people to your people to get to the root of your problem and solve it properly.

Why D4DT?

We put people first.
Our #1 goal is to make your job easier. You’ve got a customers, staff, and inventory to manage: let us build a solution that brings it all together. We’ll make sure it integrates into your daily routine.
We’re fast.
D4DT was built in the cloud: designed to remove silos, leverage your existing data, and provide real-time insights. We will work with your existing software to create a seamless and secure connection, often with results in days, not weeks or months.
No business is too small.
Whether you’re running one restaurant or distributing your product into hundreds of stores, D4DT can provide a solution. We will drive value without disrupting your other systems, so you can keep your business running.

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